Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ok, I have to admit - when Taylor Swift was coming to Denver I was pretty excited.  She is Ellie's FAVORITE singer and I too am a big fan.  So, good ole dad bought her tickets and put them in an Easter egg, nice!  Which was perfect because we went 2 nights later.  She didn't have to wait months and months and agonize over it, it was swift (no pun intended) and furious!!

We took a quick pic before heading out for dinner and a great night!

Ellie is not a rookie when it comes to concerts.  She has seen  Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers (with Taylor Swift) so I was a bit surprised that she was so anxious - she was so bugged that there were 2 other "mini concerts" before the main event.  She kept saying "How come we have to watch these people, I thought we were here to see Taylor Swift?"

A new country band.....Gloriana and then Kelli Pickler from American Idol fame.  They were both very good.

And then........Miss Taylor Swift...........

Can't believe my little Canon camera took such a great shot!

THEN.....she appeared in the audience and sang some songs and ended up behind us in a little stage, Ellie had a front row seat.....

THEN.....she got down and started hugging everyone - including Miss Ellie!!!!  Ellie was out of her mind with excitement.  Taylor even pointed at Ellie's hair and then her own - they were twins!  SWEET!

And then.....it was over!  But the memories will last a lifetime. 
Thanks Dad for such great seats!!!!  

AND, I have to say - I have a big girl crush on Taylor Swift!

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